Flyers (or leaflets) can be described as paper advertisements, made for wide distribution. The purpose of a flyer is to promote services, goods, products, or places, or send any type of message (religious, social, political, etc. Nearly all political campaigns use this type of communication as part of their PR activities). Flyers can also be used for advertising music events, festivals, and other entertainment events.

Using flyers is an inexpensive advertising method. Flyers can be printed in various formats and designs. Today, you can make your own design and mail it to the printing agency. They will print your flyers and deliver them to your home address. If you lack creativity, you can always find ideas on the Internet. If you have some basic knowledge of any design program, you won’t have to hire a professional.

Design Options

Some of the programs you can use to create great flyers include Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Publisher and even Ms Word. There are professional designers who create templates, and you can contact these people to get some help. If you want to make your own flyers, all you need to do is choose the most suitable template (depending on what you are promoting).

If you choose to create your own design, you will have to think about the following things:

• What is the nature of your business?
• What kind of product are you promoting?
• What kind of people are you targeting?
• What method are you going to use to distribute the flyers?

Choose the font type, size and color. The quality of paper will also be very important, but this usually comes last. First, you need to decide what colors to use. This will depend on what you are promoting. Keep in mind that each color has its own ‘meaning’. If you can’t decide what colors to use, you can ask for some help. You can find many different examples on the Internet.

Remember: the message you are trying to send has to be easily memorable, unique and calling for action. If you are promoting a product, focus on the benefits of your products rather than the product itself. You may also include the business name, logo and the addresses so that the customers can contact you for orders or opinions. If you are promoting an event, don’t forget the relevant information such as the date and time, the venue and the organizers’ contacts.


You can get a professional photographer to take an image of your product (or any other image you want to put on your flyer). However, the easiest way to get a good photo is to use stock photos websites. Many of these photos are free.

Simplicity will help you in so many ways. Try making your flyers simple and easy to understand. Your goal is to make people memorize the message you’re sending. If you want to put a logo on your flyers, it should be as simple as possible.

Printing Materials

You can buy a printer, or you can use services of a printing agency. If you want to use high quality paper, you will probably need a photo printer, which can be quite expensive. Perhaps it will be better to leave this to a printing agency.

If you want to make simple flyers and use standard printing paper, your own printer will probably be good enough to do the job.

Flyer distribution

There are numerous ways to distribute your flyers. You can hire someone to do this for you. The flyers can be handed out on the streets or in public places (someone can do this for you, or you can do it yourself, if you have time); you can also post the flyers on bulletin boards.

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